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Meet the Owner!

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Kev ^                Ky ^

 Hi! I'm Dale Stolldorf.  But please, call me Ky.  Ky is a shortened version of my name in Hawaiian, Kaila. Hawaii possesses a culture I love. It has a positive and simple approach to life, not to mention the wide diversity of people...all proud of their peculiarities...all living in harmony on an island! 

     Perhaps my favorite word in Hawaiian is 'malie' (Mah-Lee-Ay) which means 'peace and calm'. Malie is what I seek for myself and those around me. For the last 20 years I have been a pastor.  In that time I have been able to help people find that peace and calm in their spirit amongst the diversity around them.

     I have found that the spirit is a fine doorway for peace to enter one's life. But it is not the only way. We also have souls that receive peace and calm from our surroundings.

Philosopher Yi-Fu Tuan asserted that "Our fragile sense of self needs support, and this we get by having and possessing things because, to a large degree, we are what we have and possess." 

     William Morris, 19th century designer and poet (what a dream career that was!) commanded what Pieces UnImagined is all about: "Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."


    All you own can function with excellence, AND be art!

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